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In a medical or dental sterilization lab, it is important to avoid cross contamination. When staff take contaminated instruments out of an ultrasonic cleaner with gloved hands, they should never be opening a drawer or cabinet with those gloves to access their sterilization pouches.

This is to protect the employee that comes in and opens that drawer or cabinet with bare hands.

Pouch Keepers solves this cross contamination issue!

Image of 3 Pouches
  • Angled bottom raises the front pouches for easier removal
  • Can hold 200+ pouches (or a box of 200)
  • Spring Action Front "tongue" holds pouches in place
  • Can be mounted vertically, or horizontally
  • Side by side or individually
  • No more cross contamination reaching into a drawer or cabinet with dirty gloves

Our Products

All of our products are proudly made in the US. Shipping currently only available to US only.

Image of Large Pouch Dispenser

Large Dispenser

Holds Sterilization Pouches up to

5.25" X 10"

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Image of Medium Pouch Dispenser

Medium Dispenser

Holds Sterilization Pouches up to

3.5" X 9"

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Image of Small Pouch Dispenser

Small Dispenser

Holds Sterilization Pouches up to

3.5" X 5.75"

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Image of Mini Pouch Dispenser

Mini Dispenser

Holds Sterilization Pouches up to

2.5" X 4"

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Digital Sensor Sleeve Dispenser

Image of Digital Sensor Sleeve Dispenser

Digital Sensor Sleeve Dispenser

Holds Sleeves or covers for Digital Xray Sensors up to 2.25" X 8.5"

Great to have one in each operatory where xrays are taken!

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These keep pouches out of the way of liquids and saves counter space.
Easy to grab, cuts out cross contamination and holds an entire box of pouches.
Looks clean and professional. Holds pouches at an angle making it easy to get one at a time.
Neat and clean for a newly constructed office.
Found to be very convenient and easy to install.

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